Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

Snowlink 2022 Terms & Conditions from 1st March 2022

Snowlink endeavors to ensure that all our transport services run smoothly and that we meet our customers expectations. Please read our Terms & Conditions before making a booking. By confirming a booking with Snowlink and by making payment, the customer and all parties acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to our Terms & Conditions for transport.

Bookings, Confirmations, Amendments & Payments:

  • Advanced bookings are recommended to ensure or guarantee our availability.
  • Advanced bookings are available up to 90 days before travel.
  • A 20% deposit is required to confirm a booking with Snowlink. Without a deposit your booking may not be confirmed until payment has been received. Please advise us Via email once a payment has been made so we can allocate accordingly. Final payment will be due 7 days prior to 1st date of travel. 
  • 100% Refunds for cancellations are available up to 30 days before 1st travel date. All Cancellation requests must be emailed to info@snowlinkshuttle.com.au 
  • For Cancellations within 30 days before 1st travel date the 20% deposit is non- refundable.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of 1st travel date 100% of all money paid is non-refundable.
  • When making a booking within 48 hours of travel a 100% Non-Refundable payment will be required to confirm the booking.
  • Snowlink will issue customers with a booking confirmation invoice based on the information provided at quotation, it is the customers responsibility to check that all details are correct and advise Snowlink of any changes as soon as possible so we can attempt to amend the details before travel. Changes or amendments may NOT be available within 48 hours of travel. If we have the availability to accommodate any change, an additional fee may apply. For example, if the required time for pick up booked changes, and is out of our standard operating hours before 8am or after 5pm. If the pickup/drop off location is changed or if passenger numbers increase.
  • Full payment for the remaining balance that appears on our invoice (including any additional fees) is required 7 days prior before 1st date of travel unless other arrangements have been agreed to by Snowlink.
  • We accept payments via Mastercard & Visa (a 1.5% additional card fee will apply). Additionally, EFT bank transfers are also available at least 3 business days prior to 1st date of travel. Cash may also be paid on collection by prior arrangement, the exact agreed fare will be required in full on collection. No credit will be provided.
  • Amendments or any changes to an existing booking with Snowlink must be received in writing from the customer. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but changes may not always be available at short notice. Any changes or amendments requested within 48 hours of travel may not be available due to other booking commitments or vehicle allocations, etc.
  • One free of charge amendment is available (subject to availability) any additional changes will incur a $50 administration fee.

Customer Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • All Cancellation requests must be received in writing from the customer named on invoice. Cancellation requests will not be accepted via telephone. Requests must be emailed to info@snowlinkshuttle.com.au at your earliest opportunity.
  • Cancellation requests received in writing from the customer up to 30 days before the 1st date of travel, Snowlink will refund the customer in full 100% of any payment received. Less any costs we have incurred.
  • Cancellation requests received in writing from the customer within 30 days before 1st travel, will forfeit the 20%  non-refundable deposit. We recommend customers take out adequate travel insurance to cover travel losses.
  • Cancellation or amendment requests received within 48 hours of 1st travel, Snowlink will provide NO REFUND or CREDIT under any circumstances and a 100% cancellation fee on any payment received will apply with no exceptions. We recommend customers take out adequate travel insurance to cover travel losses.

Snowlink Cancellations:

  • Snowlink reserves the right to cancel a customer’s booking request if payment is not received from the customer as per our Terms & Conditions in a reasonable time or before travel. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their payment is made as per our Terms & Conditions to confirm any booking.
  • If Snowlink has no other reasonable alternative but to cancel a customer’s booking, we will provide the customer with as much notice as possible, but not limited. If Snowlink or any partner is unable to provide a vehicle to meet all or part of the customers travel arrangements due to reasons out of our control or in the case of unforeseen emergency including but not limited to illness, mechanical issues, or road closures. Snowlink will attempt to arrange a suitable alternative on the customers behalf, if a suitable alternative is not available, we will refund the customer 100% of all payments received without any additional financial liability for inconvenience or additional loss incurred by the customer due to cancellation. We always advise that our customers take out adequate travel insurance.

Snowlink 2022 Covid 19 Cancellation Policy:

  • Snowlink will no longer offer a specific Covid 19 or any other contagious disease cancellation policy. Our standard cancellation policy above and Terms & Conditions will apply to all customer cancellation requests. We understand that we live in uncertain times and all travel is now considered a risk. We accept booking in good faith when the travel permits. We recommend customers perhaps delay confirming a booking with Snowlink until they feel confident with the travel situation. It is the customers responsibility to check and abide by current travel and health conditions.
  • This includes but not limited to customers that cancel due to being infected by or close contact to a confirmed case.

 Snowlink 2022 International, Interstate & Regional Cross Border Closure Policy:

  • Snowlink does not offer a specific sudden or unforeseen cross border closure cancellation policy. Our standard cancellation policy above and Terms & Conditions will apply to all customer cancellation requests. We understand that we live in uncertain times and all travel is now considered a risk. We accept booking in good faith when the travel permits. We recommend customers perhaps delay confirming a booking with Snowlink until they feel confident with the travel situation. It is the customers responsibility to check and abide by current travel conditions.

Snowlink’s Travel Terms & Conditions:

  • Pick Up / Departures Times: If the customer is late for the agreed pick-up time at the agreed pick-up location for any reason, the customer will incur a waiting fee charged at $16.50 per 15-minute increments that we are delayed. In some circumstances we may not be able to wait for any delayed passengers. If we are unable to wait for a delayed customer, the customer will forfeit their booking with Snowlink. Alternate transport arrangements will be required at customers cost and no refund will be provided. To avoid this, we strongly recommend that all passengers are ready to depart from the pickup location at least 10 minutes before the agreed pick-up time in case of delay. Wait fees will be charged and paid at the time of collection.
  • For passenger airport pick up from Sydney, Canberra, or Snowy Mountains Airport Cooma we appreciate that flight delays & cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and out of the customer’s control. We request that we are advised as soon as possible of any known flight delay or cancellations so we can plan for adjustments to our schedule. We will generally schedule pick up to be approximately 15-30 minutes after the estimated arrival to allow for baggage collection etc. We allocate up to an additional 30-minutes for possible flight arrival delays. After a 30-minute wait for a delayed flight arrival the passenger may be liable for an additional waiting fee charged at $16.50 per 15-minute increments that we wait. Any agreed stop on route may be forfeited to make up lost time waiting. For airport pick-up where the customers flight is delayed, or the arrival time is changed at late notice by more than 60-minutes we may not be able to wait due to other booking commitments. Under these circumstances Snowlink reserves the right to 1) To Cancel the customers booking with no refund due. 2) Offer the customer an alternate pick up from the same location at a later time when/if we have availability. Snowlink will not be held liable for any costs incurred for missed connections due to airport delays that are out of our control. We recommend that our customers take out adequate travel insurance to cover such events.
  • Additional or unauthorised/agreed stops on route for supplies, groceries or ski hire will be charged at $16.50 per 15minutes for up to a maximum of 45 minutes and will only be permitted if our schedule allows time for additional stops. A quick refreshment stop is available on our longer Canberra or Sydney transfers at no charge.
  • We strongly advised that passengers who have flights, buses, over snow connections, ski lessons or dinner reservations booked should allow ample & extra time for travel. Snowlink will not be held responsible or in any way financially liable for any delays because of mechanical issues, excess traffic, road closures, motor vehicle accidents, or adverse weather conditions. These factors should be considered by the customer when requesting their pickup time when booking with Snowlink for transfers. Snowlink, including its authorised affiliates & drivers will not be financially liable to the customer for failing to arrive at a destination at an estimated time nor shall the customer have any claim against Snowlink for reimbursement to the cost of additional fees or charges incurred in the result of a delayed arrival under any circumstances. We recommend that all customers take out adequate travel insurance to cover uncontrollable events.
  • For transport/travel times that are required before 8am and or after 5pm an additional surcharge of the fare will apply. Should a customer choose to amend their times or in the case of a delay or flight change to a booking before 8am or after 5pm an additional fee will apply. We quote & invoice according to the time advised by the customer when booking, time changes are not always available due to other booking commitments.

    Charlotte Pass oversnow connections & bookings during winter:

    • When customers are requesting transfers with Snowlink for Charlotte Pass connections from June to October, we schedule departures to allow ample time to arrive in Perisher at least 45 minutes to one hour before the advised over snow departure times in normal conditions. In the event of expected extreme weather or adverse traffic situations we may recommend travel times be amended to minimise potential risk of missing connections.
    • For the return pick up from Perisher meeting our customers from Charlotte Pass over snow connection we will generally schedule to be there 30-45 minutes after the due arrival time to avoid charging a waiting fee for a delayed arrival. Customers are advised to wait in the ski tube terminal. If the over snow is going to be delayed by more then 45 minutes we may have to come back later in the day. We ask that where possible customers notify us when they are departing Charlotte Pass resort or notify us in advance of any over snow delays.
    • Once our customers have notified us of their allocated Charlotte Pass over snow connections we schedule accordingly. If a customer later requests to change their over snow connection times with Charlotte Pass it may not always be possible for Snowlink to change our agreed times due to other booking commitments. Under these circumstances customers may have to wait in Perisher until the pre booked & arranged pick up time. If we have availability to amend times, an additional fee may apply in some circumstances.
    • Confirmed transfer bookings with Snowlink will only be available once the customer has been given confirmed over snow times from Charlotte Pass.

    Valet Parking from our property when available:

    • Snowlink offers our customers a Park & Ride service from public parking in Jindabyne whilst on snow and return transfers are provided by Snowlink. 
    • Customers park their vehicles in Jindabyne at their own risk, Snowlink will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to customers vehicles.

    Luggage/Equipment/Seat Belts/Child Restraints:

    • All passengers are required under Australian law to wear seatbelts on all transfers, Snowlink is not responsible to police this.
    • Infant and Baby seats are available with prior notice on request.
    • An additional cleaning & sanitising fee may apply if our seats are unnecessarily soiled.
    • Children are legally required to travel in suitable restraints. If will be the child’s parent or guardian’s responsibility to check and adequately secure the child in a suitable seat. Snowlink is not responsible for the seat fitment or securing the child in the seat, the driver will request that the parent properly fit & secure before departure.
    • Generally, passengers are restricted to 1.5 pieces of luggage per person, we request that customers advise us before travel if they have excessive luggage or will be travelling with ski or snowboard bags. A trailer for luggage or gear can be provided on request with prior notice. Push bikes & mountain bikes will be transported on suitable carriers, ski’s & snowboards can be transported in ski boxes, ski carriers or trailers.
    • Snowlink accepts no responsibility for lost or left luggage/gear, nor will any compensation be provided for any gear, equipment, or luggage accidently damaged whilst in transit.

    Mountain Bike Shuttles & Transfers:

    • Snowlink agrees to provide Mountain and push bike transfers at the customer’s request. We only use suitable bike racks & carriers. All due care is taken to minimise any possible damage to customers bikes whilst in transit with Snowlink. Snowlink accepts no responsibility for any damage that may be caused to a customer’s bike in transit or in the loading or unloading process. Customers undertake Snowlink bike transfers at that own risk, Snowlink will offer no compensation for any damage or loss to bicycles whilst in transit. We recommend that all customer’s have adequate insurance for their own property.

    Passenger Conduct: 

    • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in all Snowlink vehicles. The carriage and or consumption of illicit drugs is not permitted. For everyone’s safety we reserve our right to refuse transport to anyone deemed under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Additionally, passengers who ignore safety instructions & regulations or how are abusive will be off loaded with no refund.

      Road & Weather Conditions:

      • Road & weather conditions in Alpine area are completely unpredictable especially during Winter. Snowlink regularly monitors the road & weather conditions. If we believe that there will be delays caused by adverse weather, traffic, or road closures, Snowlink will attempt to contact customers affected and recommend a change in travel times if required. Additionally, in extreme circumstances a change of vehicle & or pick up location may have to also change at late notice. Snowlink will not be responsible or accept liability for any additional costs if a change is recommended.

        Travel Insurance:

        Snowlink strongly recommends that all our passengers & customers have adequate travel insurance that will cover & include any cancellations, lose or damage of luggage & equipment and missed connections. As well of course as sufficient medical & personal injury cover.

        Snowlink COVID-19 Procedures:


        With the ongoing coronavirus / COVID-19 situation in Australia at Snowlink we understand that some customers maybe feeling a little anxious about travelling to the NSW Ski Resorts. We wish to reassure customers that we have introduced extra precautions to increase our high standards and practices to provide our customers with a safe & comfortable service. The health & safety of our passengers, employees and the community is our priority. A thorough cleanse of our vehicles interior surfaces is conducted before and after every journey using quality disinfectant wipes & sprays, hand sanitiser and disposable tissues are also available for our passengers in every vehicle. Our professional team are aware that they are not permitted to work if they feel unwell or maybe showing any symptoms additionally if they are known to have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive to the virus. Where possible social distancing guidelines will be followed and adhered to including no physical contact including handshaking, we are happy to assist our guests with their luggage but disposable gloves will be worn, wearing of face masks maybe mandatory depending of health & safety guidelines.

        If any passenger develops or shows symptoms including a fever, sore throat and cough they should seek medical advice, people who are known to have been in contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus also need to self-isolate, monitor their health & safety and seek medical advice as symptoms develop. Any one experiencing any form of respiratory illness is advised not to travel & seek medical advice.

        For the safety of everyone we will continue to follow safe hygiene practices including:

        *Wearing of face masks & Regular hand washing with soap and alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

        *Protective disposable gloves will be worn when handling passenger’s luggage or gear, opening & closing doors, and the exchange of payment.
        *All personal contact such as hand shaking, or arrival or departure will be prohibited.
        *Before and at the completion of any trip our vehicles will follow health & safety precautions and standard cleaning practices by wiping down all contactable surfaces with disinfectant.
        *Face masks are available for all passengers in our vehicles on request.

        * In all our vehicles disposable paper hand tissues are provided and we request that passengers use and dispose them appropriately. We also provide hand sanitiser, wipes, and travel-sick bags. Glen 20 will be sprayed before entering and when existing our vehicles.
        *We recommend “social distancing” therefore the front passenger seat will generally not be available for passengers. We may also limit passenger numbers to ensure adequate space is available. Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and assistance. We will continue to provide an essential transport solution for all.

        All our drivers are fully vaccinated and participate in regular testing for Coronavirus.

        Snowlink is registered as an official Covid Safe business with NSW Government all customers will be required to “check in” using our unique QR code when entering any of our vehicles. Thank you