How can I make a booking with Snowlink MTB Shuttles?

Please call or text us anytime on 0438 385 961 or email your enquiry to info@snowlinkshuttle.com.au and we’ll reply as soon as available.

Where does the MTB shuttle pick us up from?

We can pick you up from anywhere in Jindabyne with prior arrangements including your accommodation. We can also pick you up from the Gaden Trout Hatchery if you prefer.

Where does the MTB Shuttle drop us off?

We can drop you off at Lake Crackenback Resort on the way up to Thredbo Alpine Village. Once there we’ll drop you off at the start of the Thredbo Valley Track (TVT) or in the village.

If booking a private MTB shuttle, we can drop you off or collect you from just about anywhere, email us with your request.

What times & days does the Snowlink MTB shuttle operate?

Generally, pickups from Jindabyne or the Trout Hatchery are between 7.30am – 9am allowing for the 40-minute drive up to Thredbo. We operate 7 days per week on request. An afternoon shuttle is also available on demand from approximately3- 4pm for those riding down and require a shuttle back up to accommodation. * Times may vary subject to bookings and can be tailored to your requirements.

How much does the Snowlink MTB Shuttle cost?

We tend to charge by the trip. So, the more the merrier! The cost per passenger varies from $140 to $25 per rider (including bike) per shuttle up PLUS the National Park Entry for those entering Kosciuszko National Park.

We actively attempted to get as many riders on the same shuttle to minimise individual costings so get a group together & save! *For groups of 6 or more you can choose your own schedule & adventure. Call or email us for details.

How many passengers does Snowlink MTB operate for?

We operate our service on demand/ request, we can provide transport for 1-8 riders per vehicle, but the cost will vary depending on numbers.

How can I pay for a booking with Snowlink MTB?

We accept payments via Visa or Mastercard before departure. Call us on 0418 385 961 and we’ll process your card details a receipt will be provided. (Card Fees apply)

We also accept payment via EFT bank transfer up to 3 days before travel, details will be provided with a booking confirmation.

Payments can be made upon collection with prior agreement. We don’t carry change on the bus!

What do I do if I have to cancel a booking with Snowlink MTB?

– If you have a good reason to cancel a booking with us simply advise us in writing via email info@snowlinkshuttle,com.au
– If your cancellation is received at least 3 days BEFORE transport we’ll gladly refund your booking with no fuss. However if you miss the shuttle on the day or are late for pick up by more than 15 minutes you may forfeit your payment.

Please Refer to our Snowlink Terms and Conditions for more details.